Cancer and Oral health

When it comes to cancer, it’s unfortunately something that affects about 1.6 million people each year, and not just the people themselves, but the loved ones that have to help them through the journey. However, there are new treatments that are helping more and more to help those win the battle, and many are surviving. But, along with that comes the cost of the situation, and while you might be alive, it often can cause a lot of problems later on. The medications have a lot of side effects, and while there are radiation techniques that have become more precise, a lot of times people still feel the damage from the treatment many times.

Chemotherapy for example does destroy cancer cells, but the mouth might also suffer from this as well. even though a cancer may be far from these areas, a person might need help in their mouth and need treatment. Chemotherapy agents also can result in various ulcers developing in the oral cavity and even the throat. If you’ve ever had a mouth or a cold sore, you know how raw this can become, and that can happen all in your mouth.

If you do have chemotherapy, and you experience mouth pain, you might wonder if there are options to help with this. well, oragel is something that can be put on the sores, and it might work, but it often is hard on the body if there are multiple areas broken down. Mouth rinses are also formulated to help with these painful lesions as well. If you use it, it’s a simple swish spit, and while it’s a simple prescription, it can make your life a lot easier, especially when working to treat this condition.

Radiation doesn’t really alter the mouth, but the effects of it are dramatic. Your saliva, which is constantly putting out fluid that does coat the mouth, teeth, and digestion starts to actually cause permanent scarring, and that actually can reduce or even eliminate saliva for a very long time, even years really. There isn’t an easy solution to this, but it definitely can be treated in some ways.

Typically, dry mouth leaves the mouth uncomfortably parched, and saliva also helps protect tooth decay. If you’re struggling with this, do talk to your dentist to find out if there is a way to help increase this while liming dental problems. Various rinses, toothpastes, various lozenges, and other means can make a huge difference for those that are affected by this.

There is also the chance that there might be a small, yet serious risk of jawbone damage, and this is a condition that might develop if a tooth does need removal, an infection happens, or there is gum disease there. The best way to make sure that this side effect doesn’t happen, is to make sure that you see the dentist before you start getting chemo.

Talking about this with both the oncologist and dentist before you get treatment can help get rid of the various problems that might possibly come up, and prevent complications that might come about.

Cancer is no joe, but you should definitely consider seeing the dentist and the oncologist at the same time. Both of them should be working together since all too often, cancer can be something that can affect multiple areas of the body, not just the area where the tumor is. There are many times where people have had their whole mouths messed up due to Cancer, and that’s something that can negatively impact your life. If you feel like there is a chance that you might need some help, you should definitely see your doctor, dentist, and the like. It’s challenging to face this, but making sure that you have healthy teeth during, after, and before you begin will allow you to have richer years way beyond treatment, and you can also work to develop better strategies for the ideal wellness. Always talk to your dentist before you begin something like this, and talk to your oncologist as well, since they can help you face cancer head on, get a good feel for what to do, and help you battle this too.

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